Surface Blast Cleaning

With any Painting or Coating, the most important aspect is that the product must bond with the surface being protected; therefore adhesion is the most important factor in protection of surfaces against erosion, corrosion or any other phenomenal attacks. Theory has shown that there are different characteristics of adhesion. This is independent of the chemical nature of the material and depends on the penetration of the adhesive into the substrate.

This is the major reason for doing Abrasive Blast Cleaning of surfaces prior to the application of protective layers.

We therefore call it Surface Engineering and to perform this engineering we use state of the art CLEMCO-USA, GRACO-USA & KARCHER GERMANY tools and equipments along with the compliance to International NACE & SSPC Standards.

And keeping the real essence of Surface Protection Engineering, we in this sector provide following types of Soft OR Abrasive Blast Cleaning Services:

Copper Slag/Grit Blasting

OMAN GRIT is the name of Quality in Grit/Copper Slag Blasting and this is what we use for Best Profile & Best Standard of Cleanliness in accordance to the Standards of NACE & SSPC.

Garnet Blasting

For Garnet Blasting, we use the world’s renowned GMA Garnet Brand which, fully comply with NACE & SSPC Standards.

Silica Sand & River Sand Blasting

Nooriyabad & Lawrancepur are the natural reserves of Silica Sand in Pakistan; and we use the finest quality of Silica sand from these areas to serve the industrial needs and to conserve man made resources.

Steel Grit/Shot Blasting

For removing hard scale from surface where conventional blasting don’t work.

Aluminum Oxide Blasting for Cleaning of Gas & Steam Turbine Parts OR any other Delicate Industrial Equipment.

This Blasting Technique is being used for cleaning purpose only without any metal loss of precious industrial equipments.

Cement Blasting

Where cost effective solution is needed for soft blasting.

Sponge Blasting

The Revolutionary Invention in the Field of Abrasive Blasting;
Grains & Grits are now embedded in the fiber sponges in different shapes and grades, which makes it possible to minimize dust and other blasting hazards at the lowest level in all time history of Abrasive Blasting.

SEAT is the first Company in Pakistan, introducing this state of the art technology to Corporate Industry. This technology is the best contribution in efforts for conservation of manmade resources while keeping the HSEQ’s highest levels.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting is a powerful, gentle, dry and ecologically friendly cleaning method applied in many industries.

The ice blasting machine accelerates with compressed air the dry ice pellets to a speed of approx. 300 m/s. The pellets hit the object to be cleaned. The surface is shock-frozen in a fraction of a second. Due to the sudden thermo shock generated on the surface to be cleaned, the coating/scaling contracts, becomes brittle and cracks. Due to the cracking of the surface, the pellets can reach under the adhered layers and remove it. The additional kinetic energy removes the coating/scaling from the surface. Immediately after impact, the pellet sublimates and goes back to atmosphere as a pure gas (CO2) without leaving any moisture behind. The only thing left is the coating/scaling removed from the surface and no blasting media has to be disposed of.

Wet Abrasive Blasting

Hydro Jet Blasting

High Pressure Hydro Jet Blasting is used to remove old paints and to clean condenser tubes. (Pressure Range: 100-psi to 15000-psi)

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