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Surface Blast Cleaning Cold Repairing/Rebuilding & Protective Coating Solutions Provider Firm for Industries like Oil&Gas, Power, Fertilizer and Nuclear etc.

We are pleased to introduce our self as the Sole Distributor of Unique Polymer Systems-UK, Graco Inc. – USA, Pan Blast – Singapore and Messbareh Abrasives – Iran for Pakistan Territories.

Unique Polymer Systems Ltd-UK are the brand owners of UPS, ThistleBond & Pipewrap. These brands have a history of more than 100-years in research, development, manufacturing & marketing of Polymer Based Products to conserve man made resources in industries like Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Power, Marine, Sugar, Pulp & Paper etc.

UPS-Repair, Don’t Replace

Unique Polymer Systems manufacture Cold Rebuilding & Protective Coating products based on advance polymer technology for the Repair & Protection of damaged, eroded/corroded machinery and equipment of all industries types.

Graco Inc. – USA is world’s leading manufacturer of fluid handling, airless spray painting and blast cleaning systems. Based on Minneapolis / Minnesota, Graco serves almost all markets. making system for painting, fluid transfer, gluing and blast cleaning applications and for markets like automotive, body refinish, wood, building construction, production units, home appliances manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Power, petrochemical, nuclear industry and Marine etc.

No Need of Complete Shutdowns and No More Production Losses
Graco Offers World’s Safest, most Innovative and Atex Approved for Zone-1 Dustless sand blasting system.

Pan Blast – Singapore offers all kind of dry blast cleaning equipment and systems. Sand blasting was never so cheaper in cost before abrasive recovery systems, we can design complete abrasive recovery system for stationed jobs.

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