Hydro Jetting

No matter what your industry is, if you have industrial piping in your operation, there’s a good chance that the drain lines attached to your tanks can easily become clogged with grease, scale, silt and other debris. Once enough of this debris builds up in your pipes, it can create a clog that may seem to require an industrial sludge vacuum to get out. Line Hydro jetting is a simple and efficient solution to this problem.

Hydro jetting of clogged industrial lines involves attaching a high-pressure water jet to your drain lines to blow the sludge out. This method is highly effective with the right equipment, which we at SEAT have at the ready to put to work at your facility.

We are capable of providing all kind of solutions regarding hydro jetting. We have machines, ranging controlled pressure from 1000 Psi to 15000 Psi.

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