Protective Coating

Painting or coating applications was once considered as the layman’s prerogative, whatever these personals do and however they made their selves to execute the painting or coating jobs was none of others business. But now in this fast growing industrial civilization, the need to Conserve Man Made Resources is becoming more and more important that this area of services has now emerged as Painting/Coating Engineering.

The International Bodies has been formed to set standards for this Engineering Sector; NACE & SSPC are the most reputable in this regard. SEAT is consistent to follow and adhere with the specified Standards of NACE & SSPC; we believe that the success of application is in strict accordance of these Standards.

GRACO-GUSMER USA & Wagoner-Italy are the pioneers in making tools and equipments for safe, fast and quality applications of painting & coating products; and these are the tools and equipments we have in our machinery list to execute the projects in safe, quick and qualitative manner. Using these application engineering & technologies we are providing following Painting & Coating Applications Services;

  • Conventional & Non-Conventional Coating Application Services for Piping and Structure.
  • Internal or External Painting/Coating of Storage Tanks.
  • Internal or External Painting/Coating of Turbine or Boiler Stacks.
  • Painting of exterior and interior of all types of buildings.

In Painting/Coating Application Engineering we use all sorts of methods i.e.

  • Brush
  • Roller
  • Conventional Air Assisted Spray
  • High Pressure Airless Spray
  • Singular Airless Spray
  • Plural Airless Spray
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