About us

We as Surface Engineering & Technologies are a solution provider company for Surface Engineering, i.e.

  • Surface Blast Cleanings
  • Cold Rebuilding
  • Protective Coatings

SEAT deals in all sorts of surface blast cleaning, ranging from Hydro to Soft & Soft to Abrasive Blasting. We also deal in all types of Paints and Specialized Protective Coatings either conventional or non-conventional.

SEAT Management has been working diligently in corporate industry and maintaining a solid reputation in surface blasting, cold rebuilding & protective coating services. As a premier service company, we offer the services that provide the best compromise between cost, speed and reliability. We keep our service line in accordance with new technology and ensure that we provide only the best to our client. Our experienced staff is entrusted to provide complete technical support regarding our services. In plant services, we execute work in accordance with quality standards while keeping customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal.

Today, we consider Safety, Quality, Reliability and Commitment as our Primary goal.

The target audiences of SEAT are those clients for whom the standard service of the common is required. We seek to distinguish ourselves by providing the most possible flexibility and reliability in our services. We strive to be a great company to work with and operate with the highest level of integrity, efficiency and dependability. Our people have been carefully chosen and adhere to our company’s core values of maintaining high quality workmanship and an absolute dedication to teamwork to complete our projects on time, within budget and to our client’s satisfaction.

Our Vision is to be the Top Best Company of the Country in providing Surface Engineering Services.

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